New Features for Jam2Me for 2023

Created on 2 January, 2023 | New Features | 1,699 views

It's been an exciting year for everyone here at Jammer Direct! We are about to top 1 million users on Jam2Me as well as 3 million shortlinks! Here are some new features we have released, or brought out of beta and into production today:

  • Apple Music Embed
  • Tidal Music Embed
  • Anchor FM podcast embed
  • Twitter Tweet embed
  • Instagram Posts, IGTV, Reel Embed
  • Dynamic RSS Feed
  • VCard 
  • Image Grid
  • Divider
  • Custom HTML
  • Alert
  • List

Many new features are coming in the upcoming months. Including turning Jam2Me into a true blogging platform with fan and follower interaction and media uploading in addition to what it is now. Stay tuned, and happy new year!

Updated on 17 July, 2024